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If you don`t have some or all necessary items,You can rent from KaedeNYC for reasonable price.
Special rental price for Students.

Obijime Obiage Koshihimo rope (3) Datejime Towels (2)
Colin belt Obi ita Obi makura Tabi Eri shin
$5 $7
Hanhaba obi Juban Hadagi Nagoya obi Fukuro obi
$20 $30
Yukata Kimono (Komon)
All Rentals for Yukata $35 All Rentals for Kimono (Komon) $55


Special offer for beginners !!!

Beginner intensive one day workshop!!

This class is perfect for you, if you want to experience to wear Kimono by yourself with our step by step support along with all necessary items.

*This is only for supplemental class for very beginners. After this course, we encourage you to step up to regular course to build  your confidence.



Yukata Intensive Course
Starting Time Saturday   ( For 90 mins )
Price $90/person


Kimono Intensive Course
Starting Time Saturday ( For Two Hours )
Price $140/person-


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