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  • We are a kimono fashion company specializing in dressing, styling, and custom designed kimono. Catering to both American and Asian markets, Kaede NYC offers distinct services ranging from Kimono Rental and Style/Color Consultation to Photo Sessions, capturing special moments that will last a lifetime. If you are a first time wearer, no worries! Our team, consisting of our exceptional kimono stylist, Yukiko Sato, along with our service partners, will help you achieve that look, feel and experience that you are looking for.

    Contact us today for a rental, to schedule a consultation, register for one of our classes and start your Kaede NYC Experience.

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  • Yukiko Sato

    Not only does Yukiko Sato design and create clothing and accessories, but she is also an experienced Kimono Dresser and Costume Design/Stylist. Her popular accessories line called Tesage tote bags has been her main line of work, although she aims to expand her love for design in all areas of fashion. Her bountiful skill and expertise is amazing and we are honored to have her as out Kimono Stylist.

    Over the years, Yukiko has perfected the art of kimono dressing and wardrobe styling and has done several events ranging from formal events, such as the URASENKE tea ceremony.

    Nami Takagi

    Business Manager and Kimono Stylist

    A fashion stylist with more than seven years of industry experience, Nami not only is a licensed kimono stylist, but also has had her work covered in various magazines, short films and movies. Nami’s unique talent lies in her ability to incorporate a fashionably modern edge into the traditional practice of kimono styling, a skill she honed through the countless shows and artistic shoots for which she styled celebrities and upcoming artists alike.

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